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Is Your Smart Phone Placing Your Privacy At Risk?

Is Your Phone Your Data Achilles ’ Heel?

Quick question – do you use a smart phone? An iPhone or Droid of some kind? Do you use a password to keep it locked? Many of our clients have answered “No, too much hassle to keep entering the password!”

Looking for a Unique Holiday Gift?

Looking for something hand made locally as a unique gift this holiday season? Look no further than our friend Abby Bard. She has also been a client of ours since way back to the first days of MJ Everson Financial.  She knew me when I had hair!

She is a magnificent weaver and her studio on Florence Avenue in Sebastopol is worth a visit. As a bonus, enjoy the creative sculptures of Patrick Amiot which decorate the entire avenue.

Some of My Own Medicine

What If Matt Dies?

Well, bad news, I’m going to die. But hopefully not soon.  That said, a few brave clients have asked that question. It isn’t an easy question to ask someone – “Hey, so if you die, what about me? What happens to my accounts and stuff?”

Market Volatility

Market Volatility

You know it is coming, don’t you? A lot of clients I speak to lately have hinted to me or outright told me that they are scared. I think that is absolutely normal. In fact, this year alone, the markets went down 11% in January, back up again in February and have generally been up and down all year.

Can I Create A Living Trust Myself?

Can’t I Just Do My Own Trust Online? Do I have to Pay an Attorney?

Nearly every time I’ve advised a client to go get a trsut, I get those questions.

Here’s my answer – No.

I mean, technically, you can go online and get the documents you will need to create a living trust.  And technically, you can go online and get all the information you’d need to build a rocket, too.

Do You Need a Living Trust?

More About Living Trusts

Did You Know - if you own a home in California (even if the bank owns most of it!) you could probably benefit from a living trust?  if your estate goes through probate without one,  a lawyer might become one of your largest beneficiaries. Who wants that?

Some lawyers do, actually. 

We spoke to our attorney and friend Adam Eberts at Eberts & Brockway about the fees involved in probate. Here is what he told us -

A Word About Trust

There is an old fable about a shoemaker who doesn’t have time to repair his children’s shoes.  From my seat, we often see this playing out in real life.

Last year, we had a client who, as an attorney, really should have made himself a living trust.  But he didn’t. Upon each review, I’d ask “What is holding this up? You’re a lawyer, you can do this yourself. You understand the trouble you’ll leave for your children without this. What is stopping you from getting it done?”

A Plan for Aging

"We have no strategic plan to address aging in the next few years, in spite of the wave of baby boomers becoming seniors,” Sonoma County Supervisor Shirlee Zane said"

This quote, above all, jumped out at me from the article in the Press Democrat last week.

Happy St. Patrick's Day

In my home as a child, you went to bed on March 16 with some sort of green on. You didn’t want to wake up greenless. Because if found with no green on your body, you were at the mercy of mom and brothers pinching you until you had some green on!

“Wake up guys! Top o’ the mornin’ to ya” my mom would be singing. “It’s St. Patrick’s Day!”