What MJ Everson Financial Stands For

Why did we start a business our business 15 years ago?

Growing up, my father owned his own business. He instilled hard work and honesty as the foundation for all we do. I always knew I wanted to be my own boss.  Set my own calendar. Be responsible for my family's well-being.

Early on in my career, I noticed that many financial planning firms either didn't serve their clients very well or didn't serve them fairly. Or both. It appeared to me there was a market for a firm that wished to provide fair, competent, integrity-based advice.

So, on August 1, 2001, I struck out on my own. Since the beginning, our stock and trade has been our reputation for honesty, fairness, character, high-quality service, and working hard! We believe in the power of knowledge, character, competence, love, families, and fun!

So far, this approach has been a big success! Although it hasn't always been easy and we've certainly made some mistakes along the way, working independent of any boss or Wall Street firm has allowed me the freedom to craft a firm that is able to stay true to our mission, raise a family, and have the right work/life balance to be a part of that family as it has grown!

But we aren't done yet. Each day, we work hard to get better at serving our clients. We believe that if you share what we stand for, you’re going to like us!

Everson Office 2016